Why is the two-factor authentication not working?

Finish editing/posting long paper

Start thinking about making some $!

T-shirts and such?


Re-do the “values” page.

Re-do the “Glossary” section.

The “shop” and “resources” page should be merged.

Think about how to use social media, or, should it be used at all?  Should page be advertised at all?

Why are pages using a side bar when no template is being used?

Confirm that the authenticator app works on the iPad (or make a back-up) for TFA.


Political Theory is Concealed

Fix footnotes.

Due date – 6/4/23


Political Science is not Physics

Get better at using templates.

Rough out the overall topics, make a list of pages.

Decide on a comments system, or to use comments at all.

Decide on a “due’ date.