Donate to Charity, full disclouser

You know all of those ads you see on web pages?  Well people don’t put them up for free!  Typically an “affiliate ad” (which is what these are usually called) will return between 4 to 7% of whatever a consumer who clicks on the ad spends back to the web page.  For example if you click on an ad from store x and you spend $100.00 before taxes and shipping the owner of the web page you “clicked over” from will get a check for about $7.00.  Not bad.  In our case we have decided that 75% of whatever we generate in this way will be donated to charity.  So in our example, that $7.00 check will generate $5.25 for a charity, with $1.75 staying with us.  For now the charity will be Second Harvest Food Bank, though we may more charities in the future.