I finally got to see Godzilla, an enjoyable but vapid experience. Rather then a real review here is a short list of the more outlandish physics problems: (minor spoilers included)

When the damaged nuclear reactor core melts down the escaping steam expands at the same speed as the characters can run.

When Godzilla dives into the water and swims next to the Navy taskforce his wake nearly capsizes most of the ships, but the aircraft carrier is not even disturbed.

The cables on the Golden Gate Bridge are torn in half, yet the roadway is undisturbed. Since the Golden Gate is a suspension bridge as soon as the cables are cut the roadway should drop.

When the fighter jets are shutdown by the Electromagnetic pulse they drop straight down instead of continuing forward as they should based on their momentum. BTW, aren’t they built to withstand an EMP?

One of the MUTO’s travels all the way from the Philippines to Japan because he can sense the radiation and he needs to feed. Why can’t he sense the radiation from the nuclear powered aircraft carrier right next to him?

Worst of all, a nuclear warhead that makes the one that produced the Bikini blast seem like a “firecracker” goes off in the middle of San Francisco Bay, yet there is hardly any damage to either San Francisco or Oakland.

I’m sure there are many other problems that I missed, but I didn’t really go into the movie looking for them (guess I got bored). I understand that sometimes the writers needs to take a little artistic license for dramatic effect, for example I could deal with the escaping steam moving so slowly, but at some point this just becomes insulting. A character stands next to an atomic blast but experiences no shock wave or heating? This is really just lazy writing. This is particularly painful when you realize how good the original is with its dramatic storyline and social/political commentary. The first Godzilla was a reaction to where Japan found itself in a post WWII world; perhaps this shows that for this kind of movie to be great it must be about something other then special effects and making money.