The Robot Hall of Fame (“powered by Carnegie Mellon” University) is asking the public to help pick the winners from it’s 2012 induction class. The contestants are divided into Education and Consumer, Industrial and Service, Research and of course Entertainment categories. In this case entertainment really means Science Fiction! This years nominees are. . . drumroll. . .

  • Wall-E, the namesake of Pixars Wall-E
  • Johnny 5 from Short Circuit
  • Rosie from the Jetsons

Really folks, their can be only one winner. Let’s hear it for Rosie! Sure the others are cute, but thats the point, they are cute. Rosie is a real robot, I mean character. She’s funny, stern, nurturing. She even has a real job. When the future gets here what will our robot friends be like? If their like us, and since were making them what else would they be like, they will grumble about work, get annoyed at those around them and generally just be looking to find their own way in the world. So I tell you, the future will show us that Rosie was the first fully realized robot in entertainment history!

Head on over and cast your vote.